Gorge Walk 20 July

A sampling from today’s progress on the Gorge Walk…

Walking on the boardwalk path, looking carefully to find the artworks along the way, one becomes very attuned and sensitised to small detail, or any splash of colour or difference in texture and shape — to the point where you can find yourself wondering, “Is this manmade? Or is this put here by nature?” And so the borders between art and Nature become a bit fuzzy. Wonderful!

The idea of “place” becomes more and more important – viewing the artworks within the natural landscape is so much a part of what the work is about (the photos below can’t quite do the work justice), that a very special immersion occurs and the real magic of Minjerribah/Stradbroke gets ahold of you.

The most exciting aspect of LINES, for me, is the meeting of cultures to make art, perform music and dance and theatre – to celebrate Nature and to share that with our kids and across all age groups and peoples.

The Gorge Walk is a centrepiece of activity leading up to the festival. Tomorrow (Friday) the main marquee will be built at the Old Tennis Court area – at the start of the Gorge Walk path. Once the marquee is built, and the artists have completed their installations, the festival will be poised to start bright and early on Saturday morning at 10am with the traditional Welcome to Country, followed by Yulu Burri Ba Dancers (10.15am) and Cultural Stories of Minjerribah (10.45am).

Be sure to consult the LINES website at http://www.linesinthesand.com.au/whats-on for the full schedule of events!



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