Festival Community Dinner this Evening – 21 June


Pat Zuber said it all this evening in five words: art, culture, ecology, Stradbroke Island.

At the core of LINES’ values are artmaking and creativity for all ages – for everyone to engage and experience as audience and participant, from the smallest child to the most venerated artist in residence. We meet to make the differences we find from one culture to the next be a source of excitement and inspiration and meeting ground for discussion, action and coming together to make the world a better place. We come to LINES to learn more about how we can work to sustain our lives here on this Mother Earth – for our children and their children, and so on into time, and to learn about humans, animals, plants – all forms of life and the cycles of life and death – and how they interconnect and teach us how to live. And we find, by coming together, that the strong differences in our backgrounds and upbringing when shared across a room, with generous spirit, compassion and good will, actually create the foundation and energy to fuel the fires of creativity and problem solving.

This evening’s festival community dinner was attended by more than forty people and effectively kicked off LINES in preparation for tomorrow’s opening ceremony – A Welcome to Country – at 10am. Join us!!!    


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