Printmaking Workshops with Impress Printmakers





Photos by Charles Zuber

Wow! Who would have thought that such wondrous prints could be made using leaves, sticks, feathers, grass — all natural textures, lines and patterns. Nature gives us the most beautiful materials to start with, and then we use our technologies to express our love for her. Using water-based and non-toxic inks, teaching kids how to use materials so as to have the least impact on the environment. Not exactly the same as learning how to use a boomerang or a digeridoo. But still the technology that we humans can’t help but invent…. and use to enjoy and create our lives. Pretty Nifty!ImageImage



2 thoughts on “Printmaking Workshops with Impress Printmakers

  1. Jenny Sanzaro-Nishimura

    What a great weekend working with lovely people for the sake of our beautiful Straddie and sharing our passion for printmaking and nature. Well done LIS organisers, artists and volunteers, a big thank you to all involved especially the people who participated in all the workshops.

  2. Evelyne Upton

    What a great way to interact with people, see all those happy faces when they create a wonderful piece of art from a few things collected in Nature.
    Credit to LIS and all who participated. Straddie is a Paradise, lets keep it that way.


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